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   Personal Computer PC2
Intel® Celeron 430 (1.80G) SC
Foxconn Blackops Intel® X48 Chipset Sli ready
224MB Max Integrated Extreme Graphic Display
2GB DDR3 1333MHz Memory
500GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
Card Reader
Free Qube Power Surge Protector
Qube Gaming USB Mouse
Qube Gaming USB Keyboard
Multimedia Speaker
Qube Platinum B Chassis - Silver / Black w/ 700w PSU & Hi Def. Sound Support
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 Video Card More Info.
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Lite-On 22x DVD-RW More Info. Aopen Slim DVD-RW More Info.  
Media Drive:     
Monitor:       Help Me Choose:  
Monitor More Info.
Power Mgt:     
 Qube Power Surge Protector Picture
Qube Scroll USB Mouse Picture    
Mouse Pad:     
 View Razer Mantis Mouse Pad more info.  View Razer Exact MAT more info.
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 Qube Sound 4 Speaker More Info.
Flash Drive More Info.
Flash Drive More Info.
View All Qube Chassis Pictures Huntkey Chassis More Info.
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Huntkey Power Supply More Info.
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P 15,949.00
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P 16,906.00
   BPI, BDO, Metrobank, Citi Bank and HSBC Deferred Credit Card Monthly Payment Plan: (All Cards Accepted for Straight Payment)
   Eastwest ATM Card Debit Now Accepted
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P 5,805.00    
• Monthly Payment for 6 Months Plan:   
P 2,987.00    
• Monthly Payment for 12 Months Plan:   
P 1,578.00    
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